Open to all orders

We do not divide orders into simple and complex ones – we choose adequate solutions for the tasks that come to us. And since there are no two identical moves, there will be no two identical projects. At the same time, relying on well-established modules and methods, we provide quite economical and guaranteed reliable performance of any work.

Completeness of information – solution accuracy

We collect all the necessary information before proceeding with direct work. And that’s not just traffic jams and aisle widths. These are your maximum expectations. With a wide range of services, we can really not only meet them, but surpass them.

You set the starting point, we do the job

You can determine the budget, and we will develop a proposal that is strictly within the specified framework; you can submit a task sheet, and we will calculate the cost and the real time of execution of the service; you can simply give us the time and addresses – and we will simply organize your move.