If you’re planning a move, it’s not always possible to deliver things to a new location right away. It can happen that you have to leave things in storage temporarily. At the same time, they are packed in accordance with all safety regulations. Unlimited Vanlinlines Inc. offers responsible storage in our own warehouse. We will pick up the items and move them at the right time. This will save you a lot of money and make the move as convenient as possible in terms of organization.

Storage organization

Items and equipment that remain in storage must be carefully packaged and prepared for storage. We offer floor and shelf storage as well as special boxes. The peculiarity of the storage rooms is that the optimal temperature for storing furniture is ensured here. There is no need to worry that the wood will loose or be damaged.

The load is taken care of by a specialist, and you don’t have to worry about safety. The warehouse is guarded 24 hours a day, employees do not make mistakes. And you can store things and equipment for as long as it takes.

Our company offers to leave the equipment on perfectly equipped modern guarded warehouse. It is under video surveillance, constantly on duty security staff. Services are provided for cargo transportation and correct packaging. The equipment can be left in storage for an unlimited period. Insurance is provided to ensure your warranty. You can always pick up your equipment at a convenient time and check the quality of storage.

How we work

The main objective is quality and safe transportation of furniture with responsible storage in the warehouse. In our work we perform the following tasks:

  • disassembly of furniture, marking removable parts with a large number of parts;
  • removal from the room, rigging work;
  • loading of furniture into trucks;
  • transportation to the warehouse;
  • insurance and responsible storage for the necessary period.

In the future, after storage, we will deliver the furniture to the right place. We work in and move around the United States. Prices – according to the price list, the exact cost of transportation and storage services to clarify with managers.

How to order storage services

When you decide to move furniture to the warehouse for storage, it will be enough just to use the feedback on the company’s website. We will contact you quickly at any time. Set the exact time and date when our employees should come to you to properly pack and pick up the furniture. After that, do not worry about the safety of your property!