What services does the moving company provide?
Moving company provides services to individuals and organizations, in the transportation and storage of personal belongings during the move, a variety of related services. Unlimited Vanlinlines Inc. – a professional moving company.

Is it possible to entrust the moving apartment to your specialists?
Basically we carry out apartment moving on a turn-key basis, therefore your moving will be engaged by the professionals who carry out besides loading and unloading works: furniture assemblage, packing of personal things, utensils, technics, interior subjects, installation of fixtures, a suspension of chandeliers, eaves, pictures, etc. works. Clear standards for all works, continuous quality control and responsibility of Unlimited Vanlinlines Inc.” will make your move easy and pleasant.

We need to professionally organize the relocation of the office in a short time.
You have addressed to the address. The technology of a complex of works related to large volume and difficult to perform moves have been developed by our company. In ten years more than 100 such moves have been carried out. The basis of successful work is a clear planning and experience of large office moves.

Are there any differences between moving an apartment and moving a cottage?
There are no principal differences, the difference is only in the volume of transported property, timing and set of services.

How to organize a tender for the organization of moving the office?
Prepare a list of all transported property with the weight of safes, large equipment, you will save yourself time by showing the appraisers moving companies not the entire office, and one workplace, office director, server equipment and archive.

– When choosing a carrier company, take into account the experience in the market of moving services, feedback from clients’ companies, production resources, require detail and transparency of cost calculation.

How much does it cost to move?
The cost of any move depends on the time of work and the number of specialists, vehicles and the necessary amount of packaging material. Therefore, do not be confused by calculating the cost of your move based on the price per cubic meter of cargo being transported. In the first place, no one and will never determine the exact volume of transported property, and secondly, this value is very conditional and will not give you an understanding of the calculations made.

How much does it cost to move one workplace?
The cost of transporting one workplace (desk, pedestal, chair, computer, 2 – 4 boxes of personal belongings), depends on the total number of jobs to be transported (the more jobs in the office, the cheaper it is to move one workplace) and is calculated by dividing the total cost of moving the number of jobs. It turns out to be very tentative value, because the total cost is the cost of transporting safes, cabinets, offices management, reception, archives, warehouses, server equipment and much more. Therefore, during the tender to move the office, the cost of transporting one workplace of employees can not be guided.

You are engaged in long-distance moving on a turnkey basis?
We are not engaged in delivery of modular cargoes, and are engaged in long-distance transportations “on a turn-key basis”. We deliver your property to cities in the United States by our own specialized vehicles.

Are there any differences between a transport company and a moving company?
The specialization of the transport company: providing vehicles for the transportation of various goods, the moving company provides a complex for moving and responsible storage of personal belongings. The staff includes a sufficient number of specialists in packing, assembly of furniture, riggers; there are also highly specialized specialists – in furniture restoration, electricians, specialists in dismantling/assembling of billiard tables, aquariums, etc. The company’s specialists are also on hand. Motor transport is designed only for furniture (hard van), a variety of packaging material, office and warehouses for temporary storage of things.

How do you compensate for the damage caused by moving the office and apartment?
We treat your property carefully and delicately, and under the contract we bear full material responsibility. If an unfortunate accident occurs with any item of furniture, equipment and other transported property, and no one is insured against accidents, we do as follows – if there is an opportunity to restore and repair or buy a new one. By the way, our liability is insured for a sufficiently large amount.