Moving an office is fast, profitable, reliable.

How to properly organize an office relocation so that you can quickly restore its work in a new place? Independent to do such a thing as moving office – more expensive. It is too likely to lose important documents, break expensive equipment, unpack furniture during the move office.

Our company for more than one year is engaged in the organization of commercial relocations, and we are always happy to help our customers. By choosing our company you will get:

  • Competently organized moving office;
  • Qualified consultations on the preparation of transportation office;
  • Affordable prices for all services for moving office.

Payment by cash and cashless payment.

What is a competently organized office move these days? It is the preparation of a detailed plan, which will carry out transportation of the office, taking into account the schedule of movement in the metropolis, route and scope of work. Sometimes it is convenient to move an office in the evening or at night. For cargo transportation our company has at its disposal a large fleet of cars of various capacities. This allows you to move your office in the shortest possible time, no matter how many machines to transport furniture, equipment and documentation are needed. For commercial relocations, it is important, above all, to take responsibility for the safety of valuable items entrusted to our care. Taking care of customers’ peace of mind during this period is our main task. We provide insurance and are responsible for damage to the property according to the contract concluded with the customer.

Our clients value their time. And moving the office should not affect the current work of the organization. We will always consult our clients on the following issues:

  • terms and schedule of moving the office
  • shipping preparation, packaging and labeling
  • check-in and check-out
  • office relocation costs

Prices for our services are calculated on a case-by-case basis:

  • shipping volume
  • the duration of the route to be crossed
  • vehicle numbers
  • the cost of employing specialists for transportation

We always go towards our customers and offer a flexible system of discounts on office relocation, taking into account all circumstances, suggestions and wishes.