This is one of many serious steps in any family. Therefore, an apartment move can be compared to a large project, which always requires an individual approach. It is for this reason that it includes different disassembly and assembly of furniture, the order of loading, type of car, etc.. Therefore, when you order a move from us, we take into account every detail and all your wishes that may affect the work.

If you need to pack your belongings, you should contact us in advance by telling us what kind of packing materials are required – be it tape, cardboard boxes, film, etc. You can discuss the amount of packaging material with our managers.

For today we have sufficient experience for performance of the order on moving of apartments of any complexity: irrespective of availability of the lift, number of storeys and weight of cargo.

Complex apartment moving includes several stages:

Dismantling of furniture, its disassembly and packaging;
Packaging of household appliances, as well as personal effects of the customer;
Careful transportation of the packaged cargo;
If necessary, unpacking the cargo and arranging the furniture.

You can order a complex apartment moving or choose any stage, from the above listed, using the services of professionals! The company Unlimited Vanlinlines Inc. will provide vehicles, professional and experienced furniture loaders.

Moving apartment with movers, painstaking process, includes additional planning and calculation, which should be taken into account in order not to be disappointed with the service. When ordering the service, our movers will immediately notify the customer if any nuances or subtleties arise. Rest assured that our staff will move to leave you satisfied.

Our company has been carrying out apartment removals since 2008. We carry out the service of moving apartments in all U.S. without your participation, work on a turnkey basis. Moving apartment with movers, will be possible due to a correctly built route, which will build logistics of our company. Becoming our client, you will also be confident in the reliability of your belongings when moving. We carry out high-quality packing, and transportation, in case of force majeure, we always compensate for the damage caused. Using the calculator, you will be sure that we offer the best price for the service, the move is inexpensive, the price is not inflated.