Storage Of Furniture In Stock

If it happens that it is time to leave the old premises and it is impossible to enter the new premises for one reason or another, muving companies provide customers with services for temporary storage of furniture and personal belongings. In this case, most such companies have their own warehouses sufficiently high category, which take for responsible storage of furniture and other personal property of the customer. Furniture can be stored for a short or long time, if, of course, allow the finances, because the rental of storage space will have to pay. The customer should be aware that by renting out furniture for temporary storage, he must pay only the amount of storage space it occupies. It is clear that in this case it is more profitable to transfer furniture for temporary storage in disassembled and packaged form. If the customer deposits the furniture for a sufficiently long period of time, it is better to conclude a contract with the company for responsible storage of furniture and personal belongings. Personal belongings and furniture for storage will be accepted in the packed form, with the appropriate markings, according to the inventory. If the furniture is damaged during storage, the keeper is obliged to compensate the customer for the material damage.

What are the conditions to be met for storing the furniture in the warehouse?

Furniture, especially from precious woods, requires certain storage conditions. Storage room should be dry (with humidity level not exceeding 65%) and well ventilated, it is desirable that the temperature should be kept constant (about +10 degrees). When storing furniture in the warehouse, it should be located at a distance of 15-20 cm from the outer walls and at least 1 m from heat sources (in the cold season). It is important that the furniture to be transferred to storage is securely packed, this will protect it not only from mechanical damage, but also from dust. When transferring furniture and personal belongings for storage, the client should make sure that not only the proper temperature conditions are provided in the warehouse, but also round-the-clock security, because compensation for material losses in case of theft can not always compensate for moral damage caused by the loss of dear to the heart things.

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