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There are certain types of goods for which the appropriate temperature regime is required. For the transportation of perishable products or any other goods that require strict maintenance during the transportation of certain temperatures, use huge special refrigerated vehicles – refrigerators, which will provide you with the company Unlimited Vanlinlines Inc.

What is a refrigerator? It is a vehicle equipped with a special refrigeration unit (may be a car, train, ship) to transport products at low temperatures achieved by artificial cooling. It is also used for transporting medicines with a short shelf life, which must be transported in a specially equipped refrigerator.

The advantages of temperature transportation by Unlimited Vanlinlines Inc:

– full and responsible delivery of your cargo to the destination you specify;
– Transportation of your cargo, if you wish, directly from the warehouse;
– Compulsory insurance of the transported cargo for your peace of mind;
– provision of professional freight forwarders and freight forwarders to accompany your shipment;
– full control of the movement of your cargo along the route using the latest navigation tools;
– verification of compliance with specified temperature parameters;
– compliance with all national and international requirements for refrigerated transport.
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Types of goods whose carriage requires a certain temperature regime:

– Meat and meat products of varying degrees of freezing;
– Frozen seafood, fish, fish products;
– various canned foods;
– dairy products;
– confectionery products and chocolate;
– fruits, vegetables, mushrooms;
– plants and any flowers;
– cosmetic and any other chemical products;
– goods classified as hazardous elements.

Temperature transport is subject to the following rules:

– equipping the vehicle with modern and advanced ventilation systems that ensure the timely supply and exhaust of air in the van;
– compliance with all sanitary requirements during transport;
– the ease of operation of the refrigerator, consisting in the precise determination of the frequency of the opening of the van and of the permissible temperature variations.

Unlimited Vanlinlines Inc. responsibly selects vehicles based on what conditions are necessary to preserve your shipment. All necessary temperature data will be agreed with the customer taking into account all requirements specified in the relevant cargo documents. In this regard, we guarantee temperature-controlled transportation for deep-frozen, medium-temperature, heavily ventilated and temperature-intensive goods.

And, most importantly, feel free to ask our dispatchers for advice on the nuances of temperature transportation. You will always get qualified assistance from our company Unlimited Vanlinlines Inc.!

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